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Educational Programs

Out of the Shadows: Riversdale's Servants in the Spotlight
This program will highlight the inner economic workings of an early 19th-century Maryland estate and working farm. The central role as mistress of the household was to oversee all domestic tasks. Rosalie Calvert ran a staff of servants composed of free whites and enslaved African-Americans who processed the crops, cooked, cleaned, served meals, took care of the children, and made textiles, among other duties. Students will view each room in the house from the perspective of a servant and participate in a workshop where each child will make an herb sachet to take home.

Tour Length: 75 minutes
Level: Grades 3-6
Cost: $2 per person (Adult and Student)
NOTE: Fulfills Standard of Voluntary Curriculum: Economics and African American History.

Pinch, No Smiles: Early Nineteenth Century Play at Riversdale

This tour is designed to introduce students to Riversdale by using the perspective of a child. George and Rosalie Calvert had nine children, five of whom lived to adulthood. Students on this tour will move from room to room and discover the ways in which an early nineteenth-century child would have played, worked, and lived in each room. In addition, slave children also resided at Riversdale. Students will compare and contrast their living, working, and playing conditions with that of the Calvert children. Students will also participate in a hands-on workshop where they will learn a traditional English country dance, play the game, Pinch, No Smiles, and make a popular 19th-century toy to take home.

Tour Length: 90 minutes
Level: Grades 1-4
Cost: $2 per person (Adult and Student)
Note: This tour fulfills the Content Standard for 3rd Grade: Individuals and Society Change Over Time.

Open Hearth Cooking Workshops
Make a 1-2-3-4 cake on the open hearth. Participants will make their own butter, too! Because the Riversdale kitchen is small, these workshops are available to groups consisting of no more than 10 people (including teachers and chaperones). Perfect for history clubs, scout groups, and home-school groups. Advance registration required at least 2 weeks in advance. $50 Flat Fee.

Special Needs: Sensing the Past Workshop
This program is designed for students who have physical or mental disabilities. Groups that can negotiate the stairs take a 30-minute tour of the house. Those with physical disabilities tour only the rooms on the ground level. This tour is enhanced by a museum teacher-led interactive PowerPoint presentation of the rest of the rooms. All students participate in a workshop where they use their senses to make history come alive. They will make an herb sachet to take home. This program can be geared to any level of abilities.

Tour Length: 60 minutes
Level: All levels
Cost: $2 per person (Adult and Student)