Hour - Open for tours

Fridays and Sundays
12 noon - 3:30 pm
other times by appointment.

Girl Scout Programs

Programs are scheduled on Saturdays, Sundays, and days when children are off school. Please call the office for more information or for specific scheduling needs.


  • All programs are $10 per Scout
  • Troop leaders are FREE
  • 1 chaperone per 10 girls is FREE; additional chaperones $2 each
  • We accept MasterCard, Visa, Cash, Check accepted

Badges and Patches

  • All badges must be purchased from Council.
  • Custom Riversdale patches are available for $2 each


Samantha Ferris, Education Coordinator, samantha.ferris@pgparks.com / 303-864-0420; TTY 301-699-2544

Riversdale Girl Scout Programs


Legacy Artist: Painting

Explore Riversdale's collection and try your hand at some popular 19th-century arts. Learn about block printing, tell your own story with wallpaper, and create a theorem!

Legacy Cook: Snacks

Before microwaves, blenders, ovens and stoves, cooks had to get creative in the kitchen. Explore the open-hearth kitchen and whip up some tasty treats--19th-century style!

Legacy Athlete: Fair Play

Get ready for some federal fun! Fresh air and outdoor exercise were considered healthful and important for a young lady 200 years ago. Play games, make toys, and find out how some popular ones changed over the years--and how some have stayed just the same!

Legacy Citizen: Celebrating Community

Riversdale has been an important part of the community and county for over 200 years. Explore this National Historic Landmark and take part in a 19th-century celebration--a traditional ball!

Journey Brownie Quest: Dancer

Dancing was an important accomplishment for young ladies in early America. Discover other accomplishments while touring the house and then find out what it takes to be the belle of the ball while learning some period dances!

Journey World of Girls: Making Games

,p>Ever heard of the game Pinch, No Smiles? Find out about this and other fun games girls played 200 years ago and get creative while putting a 21st-century twist on some old-fashioned fun!


Legacy Artist: Drawing

Explore the architecture of Riversdale while experimenting with different media as you create works of art!

Legacy Cook: Simple Meals

Mrs. Calvert wrote that her cook "made excellent stew." Learn about seasonality and cooking while touring the gardens and open-hearth kitchen. Then, prepare some dishes using 200-year-old recipes!

Legacy Naturalist: Flowers

Mrs. Calvert considered it a "great honor to have the most beautiful gardens" at Riversdale. Learn about some of these on a flower scavenger hunt in the gardens, make 19th-century cosmetics, and discover the meaning of flowers while "reading" paintings!

Journey Amuse: Playing the Past

Blast into the past and find out what it was like to be a child growing up at Riversdale. Try on period clothing, take an interactive tour, and learn popular 19th-century games and dances.

More Badges and Patches

Cadette & Senior Badges

Riversdale is developing Cadette & Senior badge programs. Have something in mind? Just give us a call! We can create a custom program just for your troop.

Patch Program

Riversdale patches are available in conjunction with all badge and custom programs, and can be purchased for $2 each.